Mary Ann Smorra (2020). Pre and Post Reflection: Teacher Candidates’ Responses to Their 90 Hours Field Experience

The purpose of this qualitative study is to examine the emergence of resilience in the context of reflective practice facilitated during a 90 Hours field experience. The surveys administered to teacher candidates (n=90) preceding and following the field experience comprise the data. Among the five questions in the surveys, the focus question looked at teacher candidates’ expectations of themselves and their cooperating teachers. The resilience factors, including the personal resources of courage and motivation, along with the contextual resource, mentor relationships, emerged from an analysis of the data. However, continued analysis of the data revealed a confluence of the personal and contextual resources. The personal resources, courage and motivation, were supported by the contextual resource, the mentor relationship with the cooperating teacher. Continued discussion includes teacher candidates’ comments, while drawing connections among reflection, resilience, and the success of teacher candidates in their field experiences.

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